cashelpalaceDeputy Michael Lowry has welcomed the fact that the sale of Cashel Palace Hotel has been concluded.  The substantial investment involved in this transaction is positive news for Cashel and district.

Deputy Lowry has stated that he is pleased to have had the opportunity to assist and encourage this project from the outset.

“I am very impressed by the commitment to restore and expand the hotel as a commercial venture and in particular their enthusiasm to make the hotel an integral part of the town for the benefit of the local economy.

Both the Magnier and O’ Brien families have had a long and treasured association with the Cashel Place Hotel. It has been a pleasure to meet with their partner in the business Mr. Teo AH Khing who is an impressive international businessman with interests in the hospitality sector.  They are currently formulating an exciting proposal for the property which will be of enormous value to the town and surrounding areas of Cashel”.

Deputy Lowry continued, “The Rock of Cashel is a renowned tourist gem. It attracts over 300,000 visitors each year. In the past, the town has not reaped the potential financial gain from this volume of visitors. From a tourist perspective Cashel has a major infrastructure deficit as it doesn’t have the capacity to accommodate a fraction of the visitors who wish to stay in the town and also explore the many other visitor attractions in Tipperary.

The appointed design team and archaeological specialists have a fantastic plan which will include and respect the tradition and heritage of Mikey Ryan’s Pub.  They have on-going discussions with senior management at Tipperary County Council and other appropriate state agencies. The design team are now familiar with the Cashel town plan which emphasises the benefit of closer connectivity between the Rock and the town. This can be achieved by the reconfiguration of parking, improved access to the town and newly recreated pedestrian walkways”.  Lowry reiterated that the new owners of the Palace have conveyed their willingness to co-operate where practical with the implementation of this town plan.

Michael Lowry, T.D. concluded “This is a very welcome development by this consortium who have the resources, the vision, commitment and expertise to make the initial investment and also sustain the hotel into the future. The hospitality and catering offering under this new plan will bring lasting benefits to the economy of Cashel”.