Independent T.D. Michael Lowry is calling on all Co. Tipperary Tourism Providers in communities throughout Co. Tipperary to “Reach Out”.

Speaking recently at a private meeting on the future of Tipperary Tourism, Deputy Lowry called on all urban and rural communities, across Co. Tipperary, to familiarise themselves with the website Ireland Reaching Out (Ireland XO) ( and to become fully involved locally through the many voluntary roles offered.

The Independent Deputy stated; “Ireland Reaching Out (Ireland XO)” is a volunteer-based, non-profit initiative which can build lasting links between the widely spread global Diaspora; estimated at some 70 million people of Irish decent, many of whom can, through past family discussion already identify with their particular parish of origin here in Co. Tipperary.”

Become connected within your local parish community in Co. Tipperary.

“The ‘Ireland Reaching Out’ website is simple but intelligent, based on the idea of ‘involved reverse genealogy’. So instead of waiting for our global Tipperary Diaspora to trace their roots, Ireland XO volunteers can network directly with people from around Tipperary in their local communities. By doing so local communities can assist in building bridges between the present and the past; through connecting people with their Irish home parishes and discovering very often lost ancestry. This in turn will results in badly needed tourism being attracted to all areas of Tipperary; while creating some small, yet instant full time and part time employment in the county through our excellent hotels, B&B’s, Restaurants and Visitor Centres.” stated Lowry.

“Tipperary published brochures, while necessary to some degree, can be no substitute in our modern Ireland for online marketing. With the unset of the new tourism initiative ‘Ireland’s Ancient East“, focused on heritage and history and themed along the four pillars of; Ancient Ireland; Early Christian Ireland; Medieval Ireland and Anglo Ireland, there is a very grave possibility that our northern Tipperary countryside; north of the Rock of Cashel and Holycross, will remain somewhat neglected,” continued the Deputy.

Be a part of the Co. Tipperary International story.

“To date, Ireland Reaching Out (Ireland XO) has helped thousands of Irish people discover the history of their long lost relatives, their existing families and to reconnect them, where possible, with their Irish parish of origin. Whether people have emigrated recently or have never set foot on our sandy shores, Irish people will always welcome visitors from all over the world and particularly those who share an existing affinity for our rich and varied Tipperary heritage. It should therefore remain our aim to assist those now resident abroad to return and discover the real story of their families, their past history and reconnect them with the Tipperary of 2016″ concluded Michael Lowry.