TAMS II Applications Must Be Approved Without Delay


“Following repeated requests from Tipperary Dairy Farmers I am calling on Minister Simon Coveney and the Department of Agriculture Food and Marine, to process applicants to the various TAMS II Schemes without further delay stated Deputy Michael Lowry.


These delays have caused unparalleled stress and anxiety for the Farmers in question. It is ludicrous to suggest Farmers should have to wait until first approvals to go out in January for the TAMS II Scheme. All applications for TAMS II are made under a tranche-based approach the first Tranche of the Young Farmer Capital Investment Scheme closed seven weeks ago and the first Tranche of the Dairy Equipment Scheme closed over three weeks ago. Minister Coveney surely understands that these cows and Heifers are already in Calf at the moment and they will Calf when they are ready and not when the Minister dictates.


In addition, to the obvious time constraints to complete necessary storage and housing work there is also a clear animal welfare issue here while Farmers are waiting for approval. I am calling on the Minister of Agriculture Food and the Marine to process these applications without delay and give urgently authorisation to all the TAMS II Schemes applications.


This issue is extremely frustrating for dairy farmers who must carry out work while herds are dried off and this must be resolved without delay concluded Deputy Lowry.”