Deputy Michael Lowry Invites Local Groups To Apply For Annual Arts Council Funding

Applications are now open for Annual Funding from the Arts Council of Ireland for 2016. Persons or local groups interested in applying should visit the Arts Council of Ireland website. Applications for funding for 2016 period will close at 17:30, on Thursday 08 October 2015. Applications must be submitted online where applicants may request a contribution towards both operating and artistic programming costs. Organisations applying for the first time are requested to first discuss their suitability for this funding programme with the relevant Head of Team at the Arts Council.

Making your application

Register with the Arts Council’s Online Services
All applications must be made through the Arts Council’s Online Services; applications made in any other way (by post, fax or email) will not be accepted.

You must have an Online Services account to make an application. If you do not already have an Online Services account, sign up by filling out the registration form : HERE

Within five working days you will be issued (via email) with a unique ARN (artist reference number) and password that you can use to sign in to Online Services.

Give yourself enough time to complete the application

You should become familiar with the Online Services website well in advance of the deadline and in advance of preparing an application. It is likely that there will be heavy traffic on the site on the final afternoon of the closing date. You should prepare and submit well in advance of the deadline.

Upload times can be much longer than download times. It may take you longer than you think to upload your supporting materials.

Making your application online

To make your application online, you go through five main stages. Click Save draft at the end of each stage. You can come back to your application and revise it at any time before you finally submit it.

Choose funding programme and download application form

To start a new application, click the Make an application button on your home page, and follow the prompts to choose the Annual Funding programme. Give your application a unique reference by which to identify it. At this stage you can also download the application form and the Financial Review Template.


More information is available from the Arts Council of Ireland Website