Deputy Michael Lowry has expressed disappointment at the failure of the Labour Relations Commission to resolve a plethora for outstanding issues between Bord na Móna Management and it’s staff.


The talks have now ended without agreement.  This is not surprising considering Management of Bord na Móna have been very intransigent in the negotiations.  While it is accepted that Bord na Móna has many competitive challenges it must be noted that they have just announced an annual profit of €52 million.


It is unjust to expect the workforce to submit to enforced pay cuts, pay freeze and redeployment terms.   The proposed terms and conditions of future employment are unacceptable to the vast majority of Bord na Móna workforce.  Bord na Móna Group of Unions will next week make a full submission to the Labour Court. This prolonged dispute is damaging morale and working relationships between management and staff.


Deputy Lowry called on the Company to enter meaningful discussions to find a compromise solution in the interest of the workforce and the long-term future of the Company.