14th January 2014

I welcome the confirmation that the next phase of investment in Nenagh General Hospital is now due to commence. The allocation of €2.2 million for a 16 bed medical wing to be constructed in the Hospital will be a significant boost to the hospital going forward.

As part of my agreement with the last Government I secured a substantial investment package for Nenagh General Hospital. I was primarily concerned with upgrading and improving the facilities and services available in the hospital. This package included funding for significant upgrading works, new lifts, new surgical suites, increased day beds and a top quality endoscopy suite. With the endoscopy unit up and running and the surgical suites now nearing completion I am hugely pleased that the next phase of development, in the form of the new 16 bed unit and upgrading of wards, is now moving ahead.

During the lifetime of the last Government I fought for and insisted this funding be provided to secure the future of the Hospital as many of the rooms in place are antiquated, not up to standard and lacking in modern technologies. These will now be replaced with new, modern, state of the art rooms and a revamp of wards. These room upgrades and new facilities will guarantee the future of Nenagh General Hospital as a centre of excellence for healthcare in Tipperary, as evidenced by the drastically increased patient numbers in recent years.

Since securing this investment package the throughput at Nenagh Hospital and those availing of its services has increased by 40%. It is now a thriving, bustling successful healthcare centre and is continuing to grow and expand. Once the surgical suites are operational, footfall through the hospital will again increase. This in turn is taking some pressure off the Mid-Western Regional Hospital in Limerick.

The improved services in the hospital have now secured the future of the hospital based on the activity created. I would like to commend the management and staff of the hospital for their continued hard work and determination. Their professionalism and efficiency is an essential factor in the continued growth and success of our hospital.